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What is Tweaked Style?

A Chicago-based interior decorating studio for homes. An inspirational lifestyle resource.

Who is Jacqueline Marie?

Founder, interior stylist and lifestyle entrepreneur.

Tweaked Style Mission

To Inspire and motivate you to lead your best life and be your best self via stylish spaces and healthy-positive lifestyle tweaks.

My Design Style

I love curating homes that are transitional, Scandinavian and bohemian. I love how these styles inspire a more simplistic self-care lifestyle for myself and my clients.

What services does TS offer?

Whether you need a quick style edit to your space, a paint color consult or a full space decor overhaul, TS can help! Services include e-design and full service in-person styling services. We decorate and tweak your whole space stylish (everything except knocking down walls, installing appliances, cleaning, or home and electrical repairs).

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Thanks for visiting!

So grateful you're interested in learning more about TS and what we're all about.

I created Tweaked Style in May of 2011 as a style and lifestyle resource to inspire others to tweak the style they already had.


Growing up with a tough upbringing I used style, lifestyle and personal development tweaks to create a positive life, environment and mindset. My ultimate dream is to help people who are dealing with adversity use style as a tool to have a safe and inspiring home that I believe we all deserve. 

With a dance choreography background and an addiction for creating visually stylish experiences I sort of "fell into my calling' as an interior stylist. I had always styled my spaces since a little girl. Once I made a cardboard box into a coffee table with some paint, wrapping paper and a piece of plywood (wish I photographed that).

At an early age, I learned the power of style on my mood and kept leaning on it to get me through some difficult times. 

It wasn't until my adult years, when I started sharing my styling projects with friends, that I realized I could make this my career. 


Today, I run a full time interior styling & design studio with my pup-preneur Chloe. You can find me shopping on and offline for decor, creating styling concepts at the nearest chic cafe, transporting my toolbox to the next install, scrolling through Instagram for the latest home decor trends and photographing my favorite style outfits and interiors.

I love getting to know every person I work with on a more personal level. Working with genuine, collaborative and kind people is my favorite! Connecting to the people I help inspires me to create my best work and make the most positive impact. 

I'm excited to get to know you! Contact me at and share your style story.