frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an interior stylist and an interior designer?

An Interior stylist (aka interior decorator) offers, space planning, furnishings and finishing touches to your already built and/or renovated home. Interior stylists can consult you on renovation cosmetic finishes (i.e. hardware, tiles, paint colors), but do not create completed design or architectural plans for construction (this would need to be outsourced to a licensed interior designer). Interior stylists provide space planning, room decor style concepts, decor sourcing, installation and help clients clarify their home style profile.

Do you design kitchens and bathrooms for renovation?

We do not design kitchens or bathrooms at this time, but are happy to collaborate with a licensed interior designer as your style consultant on the finishes, color schemes, and style profile.

How much should I budget to furnish my space?

Every home is different and every client has different needs and wants for decor including personal taste, custom decor, number of decor pieces needed and size of space. Average cost of furnishing a room is $10 - $20 per SQ FT, but can easily be less or more depending on client’s requests.

How long does it take you to decorate a client’s home?

We don’t know the exact amount of time a project will take, but our average time for styling a room is a minimum of 2 to 3 months. Styling takes more time if decor deliveries have a long lead time, there’s custom decor orders, multiple rooms are being styled at the same time, or if client delays decisions, communications and budgets.

Do you offer hourly consulting services for decorating tips?

Definitely! We understand that sometimes you just need a friend (who happens to be an expert) to give you a little style assurance.