Fall Bedroom Tweaks

I'm always tweaking my home to keep me inspired.

I don't have a dream apartment or the dream budget, but I am grateful for what I have and make the most of it. "Tweak what you have" is how I live my best life now. 

I put aside $200, got a new light and built a new headboard. It's really fun to reimagine a space I loved just for fun. Hope you enjoy. 


I hope you got some ideas for your own home tweaks! I'm always tweaking interiors so stay tuned for more fun :)

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You can see my bedroom style before these tweaks --->> HERE

West Elm Pop-up Style Tweaks

I had so much fun styling this pop at West Elm Chicago for Tania Rodamilans' jewelry collection!

It would be very difficult to style a table poorly in West Elm's design heaven, but I'm sharing a few of my favorite ways to style a pop-up that is recognizable to your brand. 

6 Tips for Tweaking Your Pop-up Experience:

1 | Pick 2-3 elements that you ALWAYS include with your brand experience

This includes colors, patterns, materials, objects, symbols, etc. Only commit to 2-3 so that it's easier to be known for a specific combination of elements. Nerdy tip: Think of H2O. You can't have water without oxygen. You can't have your brand experience if you don't have blank + blank + blank. 

2 | Have 3-4 levels of height on your table

How will you stand out from others if you're only catering to one level of sight. Our eyes love traveling from one line to the other. It's more interesting and offers options for viewing your products. It also provides balance to a curated table.

3 | Know your products best display

Some products are featured better hanging vs. laying down or in a package. Think "how will my customer quickly envision it for their use?" and "is it too difficult to see what the product is?". Also, if your product is a lighter color or delicate, consider featuring it on a dark or contrasting background so that it doesn't get lost. 

4 | Less is more

It's great to have options, but have 60% of your pop-up table or space be simple and decluttered. You want to give your customer a stress-free and clear understanding of your brand and product. If you have too many collections, types of products or mediums you make it harder for your customer to remember you and share your brand. Pick 1 medium and a maximum of 2-3 collections that you want to be known for. 

5 | Style an experience for your ideal customer

Knowing your customer and the experience they love will inspire you to tweak your pop-up for their interest. Remember that you can not appeal to everyone. I recommend focusing on 2 target customers when considering your product development and experience styling. 

6 | Introduce yourself to customers

People buy more when they fall in love with the story behind a product. Having fun and making friends is the easiest cheapest way to give a quality brand experience!

Mingling with Hudson Smith Designs and Tania Rodamilans at West Elm Lincoln Park.

Mingling with Hudson Smith Designs and Tania Rodamilans at West Elm Lincoln Park.

Tania Rodamilans checking out the beautiful Laila Korn of Stylish Girl Jewelry

Tania Rodamilans checking out the beautiful Laila Korn of Stylish Girl Jewelry

Location | West Elm Chicago

Jewelry Designer | Tania Rodamilans

Pop-up Stylist | Tweaked Style

Jewelry Designer Tania Rodamilans

Jewelry Designer Tania Rodamilans


Interested in styling your own pop-up?

Comment below if you have any questions or want to hire a stylist for your next event!

Look forward to chatting,


An Artsy Jewelry Designer's Booth Design


For all those who have followed my Instagram Stories the past few weeks, you've been behind the scenes as I've brought this jewelry designer's booth design to life. After 2 weeks of creative meetings at fancy cafes, kid-like drawings to get our ideas out, 100 times we said "I have an idea", and a couple of days wearing artsy aprons with paint in our hair, I am happy to be sharing the final reveal of this booth design featured at the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago.  

How I started styling spaces for brands? 

Working as a business coach for 6 years I've been passionate about helping my clients throughout their branding process including realizing their visual marketing. As a coach I get to really know and understand my clients' vision and unique style for their brand. Once I embraced my ability to translate an idea into a creative direction I started recruiting and working closely with graphic designers, website developers and photographers to further realize my clients brand vision.

The past year I started sharing my own personal styled interior projects and got asked to style rental model apartments, homes, and retail spaces. My passion has always been to curate experiences and content that inspires people, whether within a space or online content. This is the 3rd time I've collaborated with a small business to design a booth experience for a brand. I'm really loving the process and challenge of shifting my mindset from home style to shop style. 

Inspiration for this booth

When working with a jewelry designer or any retail owner it's important to curate a design that compels people to shop without outshining the product. I created a "wow" factor by creating a bold sculptural chandelier and an oversized painted canvas for a backdrop. I also chose earthy and airy neutrals as compliments to the luxe-boho style in Tania's jewelry designs.

Knowing the customer at this festival was also crucial to which brand elements I was going to emphasize in this design. For example, the Renegade Craft Fair customers are the trendy-relaxed music-fest-goers in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. It was important not to play too much on the classy-luxe "dressed up" elements of her brand. It's all about knowing when to shift the percentage of your brand attributes based on what your customer wants without losing brand recognition. For this event we played up the boho-organic vibes with natural wood elements and airy-beach whites to appeal to our zen-like trendy hipsters. (woa....lots of creative stylist words there....sometimes I get carried away)

I hope you enjoy the photos as much I enjoyed writing this post for you. 

It’s all about knowing when to shift the percentage of your brand attributes based on what your customer wants without losing brand recognition.

Meet the Jewelry Designer, Tania Rodamilans Here

Want to hire me to tweak your brand's experience? Say hello here. 

More inspiring booth designs and finds at Renegade coming soon!!

Photography | Jacqueline Marie and Matthew Weiss of Tweaked Style

Booth Design | Jacqueline Marie

Jewelry Design | Tania Rodamilans

Co-Working Space Style Tweaks

Reality of Working from Home

It only takes a little bit of time as a new business owner to realize that working from home is not as romantic as it sounds. Wearing pajamas and staying in bed until your next meeting is just not a sustainable or motivational lifestyle. Now, if you're like me and prefer to be dressed, have the bed made and coffee ready before starting work at home you can relate to the distraction of your cute furry friend, the laundry, maybe your kids or the lack of people to hold you accountable. Working from home can often feel uninspired, lonely, and greatly effect the quality and progress of your work. 

My Experience

1 year ago I was so excited to style my home office. I created a white board wall, a stylish desk and a coffee bar that I thought would help me crush it in my business. What I discovered was that I needed a new environment and community to keep me motivated and accountable. Since entering my 30s I've realized even more the importance of having healthy boundaries. Working from home, a place where I should be able to take a break from work, was stressing me out and blurring the lines of work and personal life. 

I had to tweak my office space location! 

Chicago's co-working community has blown up the past 5 years. I've been to at least 6 different co-working spaces throughout the city in search of a new inspiring community. I discovered WeWork and fell in love with the attention to interior design and engagement within their community. 

After moving into a private office as part of WeWorks Mission Possible sponsorship I was eager to make the most of the space and add some Tweaked Style personality.

Watch the video of how I tweaked my 50 square foot office style for under $150:


Business Name Sign | DIY Blog Post Coming Soon!

Pillow | H&M Home

Decorative Tray | IKEA

Desk Accessories | TJ Maxx

Rug | Marshalls

Inspirational Stationary | The Trendy Sparrow



Chicago Home Staged: Sold 4 days on the market!

Holiday Home Tweaks

My holiday home tweaks were inspired by my Thanksgiving trip to Aspen, Colorado. I grew up in mountainous Vermont and didn't think winters could be anymore beautiful than there until Aspen. The whites and browns of the snowy birch filled mountains are majestic and super romantic. I wanted my Chicago home to feel like Aspen came to the city. 

Here are a few ways you can tweak your home for the holiday: 

1| Tweak what you have first!

Look around at your current decor and appreciate the current color palette and materials that may work great for holiday. No need to go out an buy all new stuff! Remove all out of season colors and patterns and start to think of the color tweaks that can take your home all the way to holiday cheer. Could you add green to an all black and white room? Maybe a splash of red to those pastel blues or pinks? 

2|  Add warm textures

To avoid the winter blues try warming up your home with faux fur, candles, pillows, throws and warm woods. 

3|  Bring the outdoors in

The woodland theme is blowing up this holiday. Even if you live in the city you can pretend you're living in cabin in the woods. The first sunny snowfall is extremely magical. Bring in pine cones, pieces that remind you of fluffy snow and birch trees. 


4|  Add some shine

Nothing says holidays like some shiny lights! Adding white lights and silver and gold accents can illuminate any holiday/home lights and decor you have making it seem super bright and cheery. 

5| Display your chic winter gear

Don't overlook a stylish pair of gloves, scarf, fur jacket or ice skates. These could effortlessly be displayed (in moderation) for a winter feel instead of packed away in a closet.


6| Baskets, baskets, baskets!

Get yourself to Home Goods and pick out some oversized baskets. Here are my favorite ways to incorporate a basket for holiday: 

  • Store your pillows and throws without hiding the cozy textures. 
  • Use as a tree stand sans tree skirt
  • Store wood and pine cones
  • Where are you going to put the overflow of presents?
  • Store your winter gloves, hats and scarves

7| Turn your TV into a fireplace

Don't have a fancy fireplace? Tweak your holiday ambiance with my favorite Youtube 8 hour fireplace video of a real fireplace crackling sounds and all. Connect your computer to your TV monitor and voila! A life size fire. 

Wishing you all a happy holiday! xoxo 


Tour This Vintage Accessory Collector's Cozy Condo!

Welcome to this event coordinator's vintage modern luxe abode! 

Tweaked Style Design Budget | $1000

Location | Lakeview, Chicago

Size |  680 square feet, 1.5 Bd/1 Ba



Decor inspiration:  Most of the pieces in this home are antiques, travel finds and family heirlooms. I wanted to honor Brent's love of history and vintage so I created a blank canvas for his pieces. The modern clean foundation of his walls really helped to balance all the ornate and warm vintage pieces. 

Small space tips:  Although this condo was limited with square footage it was not limited with style and functionality. The layout of the sofa against the bay windows helped keep the center of the main living open. The lack of curtains brings our eyes outdoors as soon we step foot inside. The lighting in the main living really helped to bring the eye up giving the illusion of large ceilings. The walls in the main living were gray and beige which broke up the spaces and promoted a feeling of separated spaces. We painted the walls flat white (flat paint is great for small spaces because it absorbs light making it feel more soft and open) and continued the same white throughout the hallways and kitchen. The white continued walls makes the hallway, main living and kitchen feel like one big room. 

Main Living Room

Biggest style challenge:  Brent had a lot of unique vintage pieces, but also likes modern-minimalist style. I had to find a delicate balance of featuring his favorite items without it looking cluttered or too busy. The second biggest challenge was the painting. Previous renters had painted the bathroom layers red, blue, purple and then white. The layers of dark colors and lack of painting skills made it difficult to get it to a clean professional look. Once we finished fixing the paint in the bathroom it looked like a totally new bathroom!  


Proudest style moment:  Hand painting the pin stripes on this bathroom wall. I didn't want them to look like perfect stripes. I thought that hand painted look really complimented the naturally aged antiques while still a modern pattern with luxe colors. 

Favorite room to style:  This is a tough decision because I love them all of course. I'd have to say painting my first bedroom black was definitely the most rewarding. I wanted to create a luxe vintage story in this room. Adding the bold black modern backdrop really brightened up the grays and brown tones in this room, almost making the grays and browns act like a white would in brightening up a space. This room was all about the balance of color and cozy textures. 


Dining & Kitchen



I hope you enjoyed this Tweaked Home Tour! Feel free to share your comments and questions below. Also, share with your friends if this style would inspire them too.

Lighting:  Restoration Hardware

Photography: Soul & Structure and Jacqueline Marie 

Interior Styling:  Jacqueline Marie

TS Home Tour

We all deserve to have a sense of home.

Welcome to my home!

Since a tween I was constantly tweaking, organizing and styling my spaces for comfort and inspiration. Style and creativity gave me a sense of stability and a retreat.

Growing up in a chaotic environment I found every way to control my environment by tweaking what I had. I once made a side table for my books out of a cardboard box and wrapping paper. From scents, music, colors and art I knew that by tweaking my environmental experiences I could make the most of a bad home life.

Style for Less: I get a thrill out of making something beautiful from what many think is nothing. I find most of my pieces at thrift stores like the Brown Elephant and online discount sites like Wayfair and Amazon. My savvy skills have allowed me to work with a variety of client budgets and help more people who are in major need of home inspiration. I believe that anyone can have their dream space now by adding a few personalized pieces with what they currently have.

"Small style tweaks really make a huge difference in our spaces."

As a business owner my home and my work space continue to be super important to my productivity and creativity. As I grow, my style continues to grow with me. I can't wait to see what my next home tour style will be!

750 sq ft Apartment Located: Lakeview East, Chicago

My Style: I love mixing styles in a smart balanced way. Every time I style a room I let my intuition lead. A lot of my personal style inspirations come from my passion for light and airy spaces that feel almost heavenly. The world is such a chaotic tough place so I wanted my home to feel peaceful and light. My home has a mix of modern edgy, feminine and a touch of California style. You'll also see a lot of texture in my apartment because it is my favorite way to style any space. It's amazing how an added dimension like a weaved pattern, leather fringe or a three-dimensional painting can really add warmth. The desire to "touch" items with texture in a space can create a more intimate experience. I always have fresh flowers around as a reminder of growing up in beautiful New England.

Favorite Items: It's so hard to pick my favorite because I put careful thought and passion into every piece. If I had to pick one I would definitely say my new fringe belt. It's amazingly beautiful laid over a chair or as wall art. The other items I absolutely love in my apartment would be my vintage pharmacy lamps I found at a thrift store and my personally painted art pieces. The lamps and art really make statements in my main living space.

Next Home Project: I can never wait to start my next project! I've been planning out my coffee/cocktail bar for months. I work from home sometimes with my team and entertain friends often. I want my guests to have a space they know to help themselves to drinks and snacks.





Living Room



Home Office

Thank you for visiting my home! I hope you come back and visit again and share with your friends.

Would love to hear your comments, questions or learn about your own home style below!

Photography by Matthew Weiss of Soul and Structure.

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Dining Room

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