Holiday Home Tweaks

My holiday home tweaks were inspired by my Thanksgiving trip to Aspen, Colorado. I grew up in mountainous Vermont and didn't think winters could be anymore beautiful than there until Aspen. The whites and browns of the snowy birch filled mountains are majestic and super romantic. I wanted my Chicago home to feel like Aspen came to the city. 

Here are a few ways you can tweak your home for the holiday: 

1| Tweak what you have first!

Look around at your current decor and appreciate the current color palette and materials that may work great for holiday. No need to go out an buy all new stuff! Remove all out of season colors and patterns and start to think of the color tweaks that can take your home all the way to holiday cheer. Could you add green to an all black and white room? Maybe a splash of red to those pastel blues or pinks? 

2|  Add warm textures

To avoid the winter blues try warming up your home with faux fur, candles, pillows, throws and warm woods. 

3|  Bring the outdoors in

The woodland theme is blowing up this holiday. Even if you live in the city you can pretend you're living in cabin in the woods. The first sunny snowfall is extremely magical. Bring in pine cones, pieces that remind you of fluffy snow and birch trees. 


4|  Add some shine

Nothing says holidays like some shiny lights! Adding white lights and silver and gold accents can illuminate any holiday/home lights and decor you have making it seem super bright and cheery. 

5| Display your chic winter gear

Don't overlook a stylish pair of gloves, scarf, fur jacket or ice skates. These could effortlessly be displayed (in moderation) for a winter feel instead of packed away in a closet.


6| Baskets, baskets, baskets!

Get yourself to Home Goods and pick out some oversized baskets. Here are my favorite ways to incorporate a basket for holiday: 

  • Store your pillows and throws without hiding the cozy textures. 
  • Use as a tree stand sans tree skirt
  • Store wood and pine cones
  • Where are you going to put the overflow of presents?
  • Store your winter gloves, hats and scarves

7| Turn your TV into a fireplace

Don't have a fancy fireplace? Tweak your holiday ambiance with my favorite Youtube 8 hour fireplace video of a real fireplace crackling sounds and all. Connect your computer to your TV monitor and voila! A life size fire. 

Wishing you all a happy holiday! xoxo