Co-Working Space Style Tweaks

Reality of Working from Home

It only takes a little bit of time as a new business owner to realize that working from home is not as romantic as it sounds. Wearing pajamas and staying in bed until your next meeting is just not a sustainable or motivational lifestyle. Now, if you're like me and prefer to be dressed, have the bed made and coffee ready before starting work at home you can relate to the distraction of your cute furry friend, the laundry, maybe your kids or the lack of people to hold you accountable. Working from home can often feel uninspired, lonely, and greatly effect the quality and progress of your work. 

My Experience

1 year ago I was so excited to style my home office. I created a white board wall, a stylish desk and a coffee bar that I thought would help me crush it in my business. What I discovered was that I needed a new environment and community to keep me motivated and accountable. Since entering my 30s I've realized even more the importance of having healthy boundaries. Working from home, a place where I should be able to take a break from work, was stressing me out and blurring the lines of work and personal life. 

I had to tweak my office space location! 

Chicago's co-working community has blown up the past 5 years. I've been to at least 6 different co-working spaces throughout the city in search of a new inspiring community. I discovered WeWork and fell in love with the attention to interior design and engagement within their community. 

After moving into a private office as part of WeWorks Mission Possible sponsorship I was eager to make the most of the space and add some Tweaked Style personality.

Watch the video of how I tweaked my 50 square foot office style for under $150:


Business Name Sign | DIY Blog Post Coming Soon!

Pillow | H&M Home

Decorative Tray | IKEA

Desk Accessories | TJ Maxx

Rug | Marshalls

Inspirational Stationary | The Trendy Sparrow