My Morning & Night Routine for Happiness!

I wanted to share with you my routine for a healthy lifestyle in hopes that I might inspire you to tweak your own routine. As I enter my 30s I've learned more and more the importance of having a routine and healthy sleep schedule. Whenever I deviate from my morning and night routine I enter my days feeling off, mentally unprepared and resentful that I didn't take care of myself in the best way. 

How I start and end my day greatly affects the quality of my work, relationships and health.


7:30am I always start my day drinking water, snuggling with my dog Chloe, writing down what I'm grateful for and creating clear intentions for the day (check out the Five Minute Journal). Even when I'm super busy I always have five minutes for journaling. I feel more intentional and appreciative of my day.  

7:45am Wash my face and brush my teeth. 

8:00am Take my dog for a walk

8:15am Shower and start styling my outfit for the day. I used to try picking out my outfit the night before but it never works. I like to dress for how I feel and often times I wake up in a new mood. 

8:30am While I'm doing my makeup and hair I love to have reggae music playing. Most of reggae is positive and fun and I always feel like I'm on vacation when listening to it. Perfect tone to start the day. 

9:00am Coffee and breakfast is made! My favorite is almond butter toast with bananas and chia seed. It energizes me hours and tastes delicious. When I don't have a hearty breakfast I feel slow, anxious and just not ready to give my best self to clients or projects.

This is also the time when I turn off airplane mode on my phone. I'm ready to give 100% to my emails and conversations.

Starting my day with emails and social media is asking for a rough start to the day. I want to give to myself before entering the day so that I can give 100% to others. 

10:00am Office hours begin! I don't believe in all that hype about "people who start work early are more successful"....blah blah blah. I believe the better saying could be...

"people who take care of themselves in ways that work for them will become happier and give happier experiences to others."

...Something like that. 


7:45pm Dinner is served!

8:30pm Time to unwind. This is the time when I scroll through my social media accounts and reply to friends. 

9:00pm Last dog walk of the day. 

9:30pm Simple clean up of my home.

Waking up to an organized space really helps me start the day on a "clean" slate. 

10:00pm Zen Time! I turn my phone on airplane mode, light some candles, pour some tea or a glass of water and journal about the great things that happened during my day and how I could have made the day better. There's always room for growth. 

10:30pm I try to get to sleep around this time. Having insomnia as a teenager it's crucial that I stick to my sleep schedule. As an entrepreneur I could stay up all night working or coming up with creative ideas but I truly believe in healthy lifestyle as a cause for success. 

I would love to hear about your routines for success below, share your thoughts or just say hello.