My Favorite Fall Fashion Trends

I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorite fall trends I'm loving! This season is all about embracing classics while adding some rule breaking colors and textures. 

My top 6 favorite fall trends

1. Dusty pink, blue and green

2. Contrast, contrast, contrast!

Don't be afraid to make a bold statement by adding some rich colors to your dusty muted hues. The combination is surprisingly classy and edgy at the same time. Rich hues this season include royal wine and blue. Think classic romance. 

3. Mix of animal print with non-animal prints

Animal prints and patterns in classic colors add texture and interest to a classic outfit. Add some metallic or a rich color and you've got some edge. 

For more tips on mixing prints go visit my friend at The Trendy Sparrow. She just posted all about mixing prints:

4. The Sweater Coat

Who hates bringing out those bulky jackets and trying to find a way to stay warm when transitioning into Fall? Well this season's trends have gotten a lot smarter with the sweater coat. Look for a long sweater that has a heavy fabric and fits like a jacket. I can't wait to transition this sweater coat into winter underneath a vest or heavier winter jacket. 

Shop this dress here:

6. Liquid 'Beatnik' Eyeliner (like Audrey)

This season is a fashionistas dream! High elegant fashion trends inspired by icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are 100% acceptable for everyday wear (not that we cared before). Feel free to rock that liquid eyeliner on a Monday morning. Don't think twice about wearing that big statement shoulder pads or a "I'm here" cape. Tweak your fall style so that you feel like an icon walking into a room.