Summer shoe roundup

If I had to prioritize one wardrobe item over the others I would definitely choose shoes. Shoes make or break my mood. They are the foundation throughout the day so why would I jeopardize starting the day off on the wrong foot? ;) 

My rule when shopping for shoes: If I can dance in them I can keep them.

Once my shoes are right I feel like I can accomplish anything; be on the go without having to carry extra shoes, bandaids and extra bags. 

Personal note: I have a foot deformity that has made it difficult to fit into certain shoes since a young age. Naturally I focused on my shoes because of this. Also, living in the city and not having a car as a shoe closet has made me more practical without sacrificing my style. 

Confidence comes from feeling comfortable and strong in our body and mind. Confidence is feeling that our environments, relationships and expressions align with who we truly are. Why not start with the very foundation we walk on? 

Here are a few shoes that inspire me to crush my goals like a super hero: 












 Shop and see how I styled these sneakers on last weekend's post HERE


What are your confidence-boosting shoes this summer?

Share your favorites below.

Modern Chic Summer OOTD | Weekend Tweak

You know that one outfit that puts you in a badass mood?...this is one of mine for sure. The black leather skirt in Summer feels like a rule breaker, but totally works for a hot weather weekend in the city.

I shopped this look for you with a couple of style and budget options. See below. 

This skirt is 40% off right now! Shop below.

Do you have a go-to outfit to add a little edge to your mood?

NOTE: This post is not sponsored. All recommendations are my love for the fashion. 




(or these glasses HERE)


(or budget-friendly shoe option HERE)

CROP TOP | SIMILAR (only $7!)


(or try this clutch HERE)

OOTD Tweak: In between Spring & Summer Style

This is one of new favorite go-to outfits for this in-between Chicago weather! I love pairing a good heal with denim and a casual top. This outfit formula is also great when I'm in a rush. Just put on a bright lip color, throw everything in my go-to bag and I'm out the door!

What's your go-to outfit for this in-between weather?



Shoes | (similar here

Infinity Bracelet | (similar look here)

Casual Tee | Gogobots Room Chicago (Contact me here for purchase)

Bag | Justfab

Rockstar Skinny Jeans | Old Navy

Edgy Feminine Style Tweaks

It's not surprising that I would flood my blog with everything Spring. This season symbolizes so many special things for me. Spring was a time I played outside for hours as a kid growing up in Vermont, a time when I celebrated another year of life, moments spent with my grandmother in her garden, walks and runs by the lake with my dog, and my love of fresh air and new beginnings. This is also a season when I can go crazy styling my life with more Spring whites and fresh flowers. 

There's a forgiveness about this season that gives us all a chance to start fresh; blossoming into the person we are meant to be. Although I dream about visiting California all the time, I don't know if I could permanently live in a place that didn't have the change of seasons. It would be difficult for someone like-me who is addicted to change. 

I would love to know which time of year inspires you to be yourself. Comment below and share your favorite season and why you love it so much?

Floral Dress | Gogots Room Chicago (Shop below)

Visit Gogots Room at 2909 North Broadway, Chicago, IL


Outfit Style Inspiration

I'm always finding the balance between feminine and edgy when I style an outfit. This beautiful floral print dress has a conservative silhouette that demands respect when paired with a strong structured [animal-friendly :)] faux leather jacket. Instead of going with a super feminine or conservative style shoe I had to pair this conservative dress with a modern structured shoe to let the dress do all the girl talk. 

Coffee | Compliments of Intelligentsia, Lakeview Chicago


Shoes | Franco Sarto (similar here

Bracelet | (similar look here)

Floral Dress | Gogobots Room Chicago (Contact me here for purchase)

Faux Leather Jacket | Asos

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Spring Style with Jewelry Designer Tania Rodamilans


Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a natural promoter for people, places and things I love. Tania Rodamilans' jewelry designs are definitely in my category of favorites. Even though her designs alone make a great impression, its her story and big heart that made me want to share her collection with you. 

My favorite Tania Rodamilans jewelry collection is the Lucky U Collection (featured below). With some of the ups and downs in my personal life lately I really related to the symbolism of "luck" in her designs. Each one of her signature u-shaped welded pieces mimic that of a horseshoe. 


Meet the Designer

Tania Rodamilans

Coming to the U.S. from Barcelona, Spain this creative spirit made a name for herself in the Midwest art community. If you've ever been to Spain you know there's no comparison to their implementation of modern-boho style and surrealist-modern-artistic influences. Tania's jewelry designs, wardrobe and home decor both reflect her roots growing up in Barcelona along with her artsy flare. 

What was your inspiration for this collection?

"This collection takes its inspiration from a time-honored, legendary symbol of good luck, not to mention an indispensable accessory to one of our most beloved companions. The horseshoe. Famed more for its form than its function, the iron it's forged from is said to ward off evil. And its shape, the arc represents the vault of Heavens." 


How did you turn your passion into your business?

"My business is a combination of painting, jewelry design, and accessories. I started designing jewelry when I realized I was modifying and altering most of the pieces I owned to make them my own. I decided it was time to transition from one art form to another, so I parked the brushes for a while and started to design art I could wear.  Unlike a painting or a photograph, jewelry moves with your body."

How can tweaks to our accessories (i.e. jewelry) make big impacts on our style?

"Accessories, added to the most basic outfits, can make them come alive, like the subtle magic that music brings to film or how a frame highlights a work of art. Accessories bring a sense of completeness that it is hard to achieve with clothing alone. Rather than adding to, these elements are about bringing out the beauty that already exists in the light, the shadow and the emotion of the piece. The same is true of just the right necklace. Leaving home without accessorizing is like walking out without shoes."

Shop Jacqueline Earrings Here

I'm honored to be the inspiration behind the Tania's above earring design. As a dance choreographer I've always designed experiences through movement so I was inspired when Tania shared her inspiration of movement when designing her jewelry. 

What was your inspiration behind these beautiful earrings?

"These earrings are inspired by you, stylist and choreographer. A tribute to your graceful sense of flow and creative spirit. You are somebody that moves as fast as I do and knows how to go with the flow of life" 

Why do you like to incorporate movement into your designs?

"I incorporate movement in my pieces because I am fascinated by the non-static nature of jewelry. That’s why I love to design longer pieces, the more chain you add the more it is going to move."

One Necklace 2 Ways

Many of Tania's Luck U designs can be worn 2 different lengths for different looks. See photo below. 


Any upcoming events or projects you want to share?

"You can find me at Renegade Arts Fair May 13th and 14th where I'll be featuring some new designs. Feel free to stop by and say hi! Or say hello on Instagram, Facebook or my website."

Styled by Jacqueline Marie of Tweaked Style. Photographed by Matthew Weiss of Tweaked Style. 

Shop Look

Dress | Express

Fringe Cropped Denim | Topshop

Blush Pink Top | Express

Blush Pumps | Nordstrom

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OOTD Tweak: Winter to Spring!!

"There's something so forgiving about the change of season."

Spring is my favorite season before Fall. I love the opportunity for new beginnings and fresh starts! There's something so forgiving about the change of season. Like you can leave all your mistakes behind and start new. Spring is also when I was born so naturally I feel a sense of being "reborn" during this time. My friends say that I'm always reinventing myself. I would agree. I believe that we all should embrace the beauty that change brings. It teaches us to experience more, live more and learn more. Change is often frustrating, uncomfortable and exciting all at the same time but it is all worth it in the end when you say you have lived fully. 

For those who know me you know that I'm not afraid to try new things. I'm always coming up with ideas and open to putting myself out there even if I fail. I want to share this with you so that YOU TOO CAN DO THIS and see great change in living a meaningful life. I'm not going to give you the glittery version of embracing change or some fluffy quote to that change equals happiness. I'm going to be straight forward. IT IS NOT EASY, but so is hating a boring life or soul sucking situation. YOU CHOOSE.


This season is all about simplifying! Take those basics and add a little edge. I'm loving the effortless way of choosing an outfit. With our social activism around women's rights I'm not surprised that men's fashion is seen in women's trends this season. The classic button down shirt with a bow, the trench with a feminine hue. The bold flat dress shoe that says I don't need heels to be powerful. 

Let's embrace this new season together and live more meaningfully with some fun lifestyle and mindset tweaks. I'll be starting some conversations about starting a business, following your purpose, embracing change and tweaking your lifestyle here on the blog, on Instagram and Youtube. Make sure to say hello so I know you're here :) 

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Untitled design (1).png


Jacket | H&M in-store only


Shirt | Currently on sale!

Shoes | Similar look

Warm Winter Outfits

3 Outfits, 3 Ways to Tweak Your Style Warm!

No matter what season it is or what the crazy weather has in store for us we don't need to sacrifice our style confidence. All you need are a few style tweak tricks and outfit ideas ready for a week of kicking butt and feeling like your best self! Here are a few of my favorite outfits for Chicago's -1˚ degree weather.  

1 | Layer Up in Gray & White! 

Don't be afraid to rock an oversized jacket. This leaves room for layering and looks effortlessly chic. Shop a similar jacket here: Jessica Simpson Walker Jacket

2 | Layer Your Turtlenecks with that Sporty (hoodless) Sweatshirt

Shop this sweatshirt here:  Urban Outfitters "Slow Jams" Sweater

3 | Add Bold Lines to a Feminine Sweater

Shop this shirt here: Portofino Express Black and White Dress Shirt

I hope this helps you stay warm without sacrificing your style. Let me know what your winter fashion challenges or favorites are below. Excited to continue inspiring you to tweak your wardrobe for success!

xoxo Jacqueline

My Favorite Fall Fashion Trends

I couldn't resist sharing some of my favorite fall trends I'm loving! This season is all about embracing classics while adding some rule breaking colors and textures. 

Here are my top 6 favorite trends:

1. Dusty pink, blue and green

2. Contrast, contrast, contrast!

Don't be afraid to make a bold statement by adding some rich colors to your dusty muted hues. The combination is surprisingly classy and edgy at the same time. Rich hues this season include royal wine and blue. Think classic romance. 

3. Mix of animal print with non-animal prints

Animal prints and patterns in classic colors add texture and interest to a classic outfit. Add some metallic or a rich color and you've got some edge. 

For more tips on mixing prints go visit my friend at The Trendy Sparrow. She just posted all about mixing prints:

4. The Sweater Coat

Who hates bringing out those bulky jackets and trying to find a way to stay warm when transitioning into Fall? Well this season's trends have gotten a lot smarter with the sweater coat. Look for a long sweater that has a heavy fabric and fits like a jacket. I can't wait to transition this sweater coat into winter underneath a vest or heavier winter jacket. 

Shop this dress here:

6. Liquid 'Beatnik' Eyeliner (like Audrey)

This season is a fashionistas dream! High elegant fashion trends inspired by icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe are 100% acceptable for everyday wear (not that we cared before). Feel free to rock that liquid eyeliner on a Monday morning. Don't think twice about wearing that big statement shoulder pads or a "I'm here" cape. Tweak your fall style so that you feel like an icon walking into a room.

3 Ways to Fringe

Loving this fringe belt I discovered at Akira in Lakeview, Chicago! I knew right away how I was going to style this piece. I couldn't wait to get home and explore more ways to wear this statement piece.

Here are my 3 favorite tweaks:




Feel free to share your fringe style tweaks by using #tsfringe on Instagram and Twitter. 

I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas below!

Photography by Soul & Structure