Edgy Feminine Style Tweaks

It's not surprising that I would flood my blog with everything Spring. This season symbolizes so many special things for me. Spring was a time I played outside for hours as a kid growing up in Vermont, a time when I celebrated another year of life, moments spent with my grandmother in her garden, walks and runs by the lake with my dog, and my love of fresh air and new beginnings. This is also a season when I can go crazy styling my life with more Spring whites and fresh flowers. 

There's a forgiveness about this season that gives us all a chance to start fresh; blossoming into the person we are meant to be. Although I dream about visiting California all the time, I don't know if I could permanently live in a place that didn't have the change of seasons. It would be difficult for someone like-me who is addicted to change. 

I would love to know which time of year inspires you to be yourself. Comment below and share your favorite season and why you love it so much?

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Outfit Style Inspiration

I'm always finding the balance between feminine and edgy when I style an outfit. This beautiful floral print dress has a conservative silhouette that demands respect when paired with a strong structured [animal-friendly :)] faux leather jacket. Instead of going with a super feminine or conservative style shoe I had to pair this conservative dress with a modern structured shoe to let the dress do all the girl talk. 

Coffee | Compliments of Intelligentsia, Lakeview Chicago


Shoes | Franco Sarto (similar here

Bracelet | (similar look here)

Floral Dress | Gogobots Room Chicago (Contact me here for purchase)

Faux Leather Jacket | Asos

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Warm Winter Outfits

3 Outfits, 3 Ways to Tweak Your Style Warm!

No matter what season it is or what the crazy weather has in store for us we don't need to sacrifice our style confidence. All you need are a few style tweak tricks and outfit ideas ready for a week of kicking butt and feeling like your best self! Here are a few of my favorite outfits for Chicago's -1˚ degree weather.  

1 | Layer Up in Gray & White! 

Don't be afraid to rock an oversized jacket. This leaves room for layering and looks effortlessly chic. Shop a similar jacket here: Jessica Simpson Walker Jacket

2 | Layer Your Turtlenecks with that Sporty (hoodless) Sweatshirt

Shop this sweatshirt here:  Urban Outfitters "Slow Jams" Sweater

3 | Add Bold Lines to a Feminine Sweater

Shop this shirt here: Portofino Express Black and White Dress Shirt

I hope this helps you stay warm without sacrificing your style. Let me know what your winter fashion challenges or favorites are below. Excited to continue inspiring you to tweak your wardrobe for success!

xoxo Jacqueline

3 Ways to Fringe

Loving this fringe belt I discovered at Akira in Lakeview, Chicago! I knew right away how I was going to style this piece. I couldn't wait to get home and explore more ways to wear this statement piece.

Here are my 3 favorite tweaks:




Feel free to share your fringe style tweaks by using #tsfringe on Instagram and Twitter. 

I look forward to reading your thoughts and ideas below!

Photography by Soul & Structure