Art Studio Home Tour

Get ready to tour jewelry designer and fine artist Tania Rodamilans' Chicago home studio!

Styling this space for Tania was so fun. We have worked together since the Spring of 2017 styling her event retail spaces. I wanted to translate that into her home studio. I was inspired to create a blank canvas for her to create more jewelry and art. Lots of white paint, a modular desk, and a few organization tricks later and VOILA! ; a multi-functional studio!

See the full studio tour below and read how my style tweaks have inspired Tania's work. 






Tania, what inspired you to hire Tweaked Style to tweak your studio space?

I had worked with Tweaked Style on a couple of projects for my business. We work well together and there was always a great creative energy, so when I was thinking of updating my studio space she was my first choice. She had seen the space and knew my brand and my creative process well. I trusted her process and her styling. 

I was excited to have her work on a more permanent space. I wanted to have a studio space that worked for me and truly represented my aesthetic. I was looking for increased functionality and organization.


What was your old studio lacking that your new studio makes up for?

The old space was just that, a space. It was a room with bookshelves and a table, displayed in a way that was not aesthetically pleasing. It was mostly designed as a utilitarian room for me to be able to work on art and jewelry and to contain the chaos. Over time I added paintings I liked, a space for an inspiration board, etc, but it was never designed as an inspirational space. My studio was mostly a place where things where made. 

Now, my new studio is a totally different space, not just physically, but conceptually. It’s kind of funny because we did the whole thing on a pretty tight budget and used most of the existing furniture pieces I already had, yet it feels completely different. What I love the most is not just the new layout or the wall color, but the new way I feel in the space. 


How has a styled studio influenced your work and lifestyle?

The new studio is more organized, the layout makes more sense and it looks like a designer hand touched my bookshelves. 

I knew Jacqueline would make my studio feel better, but when we started the project I thought I was essentially signing up for decor and styling, not a lifestyle enhancement. I still use the space to design and make jewelry and art projects, but I am constantly inspired to create beyond those objects now. Having a styled studio has encouraged my creativity.

I love the versatility of the space. I’ve used the studio to do photo shoots, decorate, display hand made scarfs, teach a jewelry class, and test home decor concepts. No matter what I do it always looks good and every little nook and corner is always camera ready. 

I have the same amount of physical space as I did before, but now it inspires room to grow as an artist. The way Jacqueline styled my space has enabled me to connect with my creative self in a way that the old space was not. In the old studio, I was creating in spite of limitations the space imposed on my process and in my new studio I'm enticed to interact in the space.  


What was your favorite part of working with Jacqueline during the interior styling process?

She is very intuitive and I love how she just senses what you need and can translate that into a physical space, a color palette or a particular texture profile. 

She is extremely passionate about what she does and I love how her eyes light up when she is sharing her vision for the space. She has a certain grin when she shows you a cleaver way to solve a storage solution, and smiles when she comes across a new material that’s perfect for your space. She loves to share not only her gifts but her resources as well, and that’s important to me. She is very generous because she knows there’s no shortage of ideas and inspiration in that beautiful mind of hers; a true creative soul. 

I know she is aware of the power of styling, but I don’t think she fully understands just how much of an impact her work can make in peoples lives. She is a magician that can transform not only spaces but life with two pillows, a rug and a bucket of fresh paint. 


Do you have a favorite styled corner in your studio? 

This is going to sound crazy, but my favorite corner is the white wall right next to the window. I know, a white wall? Well, this is not any white wall… this is a wall surrounded by beautiful objects and designed as a canvas to accommodate all my artistic potential. 

It has inspired me to create a whole series of artsy vignettes that I now use to promote my art, update my website and make my social media posts look like something in Domino magazine. 


Any other styled spaces in Chicago that inspire you? 

Restaurants and hotel lobbies tend to be my favorite spaces to be inspired. Any space with original art work, good light fixtures and a whimsical and playful demeanor has a place in my heart. The obvious one is Soho House with its original art work, eclectic furniture, great textures and lighting. Love the great mix of comfy, artsy and urban edge.

Beatnik is like entering a fairy tale world in the middle of an unforgiving urban environment. All the graffiti loaded, industrial, edgy, gritty looks of the closest intersection melt away into curved lines, soft lights, decadent carpets and textured pillows. And of course the natural light and the greenery just makes it a boho chic dream come true. 



Photos by Tweaked Style