An Artsy Jewelry Designer's Booth Design


For all those who have followed my Instagram Stories the past few weeks, you've been behind the scenes as I've brought this jewelry designer's booth design to life. After 2 weeks of creative meetings at fancy cafes, kid-like drawings to get our ideas out, 100 times we said "I have an idea", and a couple of days wearing artsy aprons with paint in our hair, I am happy to be sharing the final reveal of this booth design featured at the Renegade Craft Fair Chicago.  

How I started styling spaces for brands? 

Working as a business coach for 6 years I've been passionate about helping my clients throughout their branding process including realizing their visual marketing. As a coach I get to really know and understand my clients' vision and unique style for their brand. Once I embraced my ability to translate an idea into a creative direction I started recruiting and working closely with graphic designers, website developers and photographers to further realize my clients brand vision.

The past year I started sharing my own personal styled interior projects and got asked to style rental model apartments, homes, and retail spaces. My passion has always been to curate experiences and content that inspires people, whether within a space or online content. This is the 3rd time I've collaborated with a small business to design a booth experience for a brand. I'm really loving the process and challenge of shifting my mindset from home style to shop style. 


When working with a jewelry designer or any retail owner it's important to curate a design that compels people to shop without outshining the product. I created a "wow" factor by creating a bold sculptural chandelier and an oversized painted canvas for a backdrop. I also chose earthy and airy neutrals as compliments to the luxe-boho style in Tania's jewelry designs.

Knowing the customer at this festival was also crucial to which brand elements I was going to emphasize in this design. For example, the Renegade Craft Fair customers are the trendy-relaxed music-fest-goers in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago. It was important not to play too much on the classy-luxe "dressed up" elements of her brand. It's all about knowing when to shift the percentage of your brand attributes based on what your customer wants without losing brand recognition. For this event we played up the boho-organic vibes with natural wood elements and airy-beach whites to appeal to our zen-like trendy hipsters. (woa....lots of creative stylist words there....sometimes I get carried away)

I hope you enjoy the photos as much I enjoyed writing this post for you. 

It’s all about knowing when to shift the percentage of your brand attributes based on what your customer wants without losing brand recognition.

Meet the Jewelry Designer, Tania Rodamilans Here

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Photography: Tweaked Style

Booth Design: Jacqueline Marie

Jewelry Design: Tania Rodamilans