My Book List


Books I've Read & Loved!

| Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert shares her blunt perspective on letting go of the doubts and fears that come along with sharing your creativity. This book inspired me to let go of the perfectionist side of being a creative.  Big Magic encouraged my new mindset shift of "finished not perfect" and allowed me to enjoy the process of creating and sharing no matter the outcome.

| Eat That Frog

Brian Tracy is a motivational success speaker who wrote a quick read about overcoming procrastination and prioritizing tasks that fast-track you to your goals. I read this book when I was 17 years old and it truly helped me organize all my crazy ideas into attainable action steps.

| Zen Dropout

Tweaked Style's very own photographer, Matthew Weiss, wrote a book! The main reason I knew that Matt got the TS culture was when I learned of his appreciate for the inner-work we all need to do in order to put our best foot forward. His book sheds light on the difficulty that comes from battling the stories that society, our friends and our family has us believing at one point in time. This book has helped me let go of trying to have it all figured out.

| Better Than Before

Gretchen Rubin does it again! I've read her other book, The Happiness Project, and was anxious for her next book. Rubin has a great way of inspiring you to take action in a way that works for your lifestyle. This book helped me continue making healthy choices in my life. 


Current Reads...

| You Are a Badass

On page 40 and can't put it down! If you're struggling to figure out what's holding you back from succeeding or being fulfilled in your life then this Jen Sincero book is a must-read! Can't wait to share my full review with you. 

| She Means Business

I've been following Carrie Green for the past 3 years as I've taken this full time journey as an entrepreneur. Almost half way through this book and loving the master action-items and mindset tweaks for achieving your business goals. 

Where did I get this book?

This book cover is a Tweaked Style design. Custom orders can be requested HERE.

My Future Reads...

| Lean In

"The book challenges us to change the conversation from what women can’t do to what we can do, and serves as a rallying cry for us to work together to create a more equal world." -Sheryl Sandberg, author

The Dip

"Every new project (or job, or hobby, or company) starts out fun…then gets really hard, and not much fun at all. You might be in a Dip—a temporary setback that will get better if you keep pushing. But maybe it’s really a Cul-de-Sac—a total dead end. What really sets superstars apart is the ability to tell the two apart." -Seth Godin, author

| Energy Leadership

"This engaging and fast-paced story clearly explains how managers and leaders from all walks of life can use the principles of Energy Leadership to inspire themselves and others to achieve extraordinary results in whatever they do." - Bruce D. Schneider, author