The Power in Trying New Things

Dear fellow homebody/introvert/comfort-zone dweller,

Let’s chat comfort zones. I know I share more style posts on here, but I’m in this new mental space in my life where I just want to put myself out there in all areas of life. I’m getting out of my introverted, homebody (only metaphorically) space and doing life differently.

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I Dream of Being a Fearless Kid Again

Many of us as kids and teenagers were fearless; always taking scary risks and just seeing what would happen. I remember teaching kids dance and being so inspired by how secure and fearless they were when learning new dance moves.

As we get older and face rejection, failures and the pain that comes with that, we start to limit ourselves and build cozy little safe pillow forts. One reason I've become such a homebody and an introvert is a result of trauma, failures and a ton of pain over the years. The world does not always feel safe, but one thing I’ve learned is that once we find the strength and security within ourselves we are able to trust that we can survive 99% of what life brings our way. This leads me to the new mental space I’m in of putting myself out there.

You don’t know until you try.

I Did a Scary Thing

This past week I auditioned for a job teaching fitness classes! Something I’ve been wanting to get back into for a long time, but limited myself with the many limiting stories I told myself.

Here are a few of my silly stories: “you need to stay focused on one thing”, “people will be confused by your interior styling career and a fitness career”, “you need to be more fit to teach”, “this class is barefoot, people will stare at my foot deformity”, “fitness jobs don’t pay a lot” and many other creative reasons.

We all have these limiting stories. Well, I’ve been letting go of those stories the past 6 months and have been on a mission to listen to my heart and what combination of things will help me be the best version of myself. So far I’ve broken up with toxic friends, made new supportive friends, learned better sales’ strategies for my interior styling business, applied to jobs in different cities, gone to new social events and dedicated myself to strength training 4 days a week for 10 months now. It feels so empowering to take all these risks and push myself past the mental blocks. Some weeks I feel stronger than others, but I always try.


Remembering My Why

When I worked in fitness I loved helping people stay healthy, loved learning anatomy and being active myself. Up until I was 22 I planned my whole life around dance and fitness (I wanted to be a dance choreographer). I taught hip hop dance classes, trained at the Broadway Dance Center NYC , led a dance group for youth, had my first internship as a fitness supervisor and moved to Chicago to pursue a dance degree at Columbia College Chicago. I worked at 3 fitness centers and even got 6 college credits for studying yoga. Aside from styling spaces, fitness has been my outlet for stress, anxiety and finding my strength. Working out and dancing empowers me to be my true self and love who I am even when I'm sucking at life. Remembering why I love fitness and dance and the inspiring experiences I’ve had helps me commit to my goal to add fitness back into my life.


No Regrets- “Showing up is half the battle”

Showing up to the fitness instructor audition this week was a proud moment. There were at least 3 times that I tried to talk myself out of going (out of trying). My saving grace was the affirmation “you don’t know until you try”. I would’ve regretted not trying, but even if I don’t get the job I am so happy that I was true to myself and tried.

A little fun with TS photographer Matthew Weiss

A little fun with TS photographer Matthew Weiss

Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Really, at the end of the day if you’re not succeeding it’s mostly because you’re holding yourself back. This is something I’ve learned the hard way. Either we are too proud to ask for what we need to succeed or we are telling fictional stories about why we “can’t” do something. Now I have a long ways to go to reach my ideal life and business goals, but even without all that I feel empowered and inspired to keep going. That’s the funny thing about getting out of your comfort zone. Once you do one hard thing it gives you momentum to keep doing the other hard things. Trying is half the battle.

Hope this inspires you to take just one scary step towards your goals.


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A couple of videos that inspired me to get out of my comfort zone: