In a Fall mindset...

There's something about the fall that brings out all the feels. Maybe it's just me, but I get a little more snuggly and start to think of my loved ones a whole lot more.

Do you start thinking of love, family and cozy everything this time of year?

Real talk…

This time of year can also bring up some sad realizations like still being a single 30 something, how broken my family is and the slow moving financial growth of a 7 year business.  I wouldn't change my decision to follow my dreams, but I do wish hard work paid off more. I know I'm not alone in some of these thoughts. Nearing the holidays brings out the best and worst of us. The things that have gotten me through the discouraging thoughts have been gratitude, resourcefulness, healthy lifestyle and good people. I realize that I chose to take the path less traveled as an entrepreneur. I chose to never settle for less than my dreams, but with that means practicing patience and positive mindset. It takes a whole lot of effort, but I have to believe that it's all worth it.

I chose to never settle for less than my dreams, but with that means practicing patience and positive mindset.
It may seem like I have it all together or the other Instagram-blogger friends do too, but really we are all real people going through this thing called life together. I don’t want to sugar coat my life in hopes to inspire you. I want to offer the stylish and real parts of me in hopes that you feel less alone and more inspired to express fully who you are.
Fall affirmation: Take it one baby step and one little tweak at a time.

My Fall Challenge

Feel free to join me!

  • Take everyday one slow baby step at a time

  • Love more

  • Face sadness with kindness

  • Be a little more silly, strange and fun

  • Live like a kid


My Fall Bucket List 

  • Spend as much time in nature as possible (pumpkin patches, hiking...)

  • Host friendsgiving

  • Road trip to Madison, WI

  • Dance it out everyday

  • Bake gluten free pies (food sensitivities are a real thing!)

  • Curate more fun blog posts



Do you have a Fall bucket list? Would love to know how you stay positive and fun in the Fall. 

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happy fall!